After a headlining set at a festival in Germany word quickly spread that we were planning a 'Secret Gig' the next day. Where exactly... nobody knew!


At 11pm an expectant crowd gathered at the gates and were led by flaming torch in procession out and away from the festival and into the woods. As the journey continued the faint sound of a guitar-drone playing grew louder as they grew closer and closer and deeper into he woods. Soon all were seated on the rugs and grass around 'stage' of a willow tree lit by more torches, hanging lanterns and lights.


From within the branches of the overhanging tree, Wilderthorn performed with drums guitar and voice resounding out into the starlit sky. One song in particular was performed in amongst the audience with all eyes looking up at the sky. A final encor even prompted a slow dance in the field.


A big thankyou goes out to our good friend and fellow musician, David Weingärtner, for being our man on the ground making everything from the generator to the torches a reality.