One summer’s eve in the Sussex countryside, an audience gathered for a Wilderthorn gig like no other, marching in procession over a 40 minute climb up the steep hills and over styles, through a tunnel of trees... to an old disused Windmill.


The opening act was the sun-setting from the hilltop, where the keen eye could make out the distant Isle of White catching the last of the days' light across the sea. As the sky grew dark, the audience were invited to step inside the candlelit windmill and sat down on rugs and blankets to hear Wilderthorn’s performance.


The brick walls of the Windmill, thought to date back to the 1740s, found themselves now inhabited by the sound of song.


 ‘The Spell’ had it’s first airing here, accompanied by the haunting spin of a whirl-y tube, echoing the turn of the old Windmill sails. Once the performance reached it’s climatic end the lights went out, the mobile generator turned off and a mystified audience walked outside to a star lit sky.