'A night for dancers and movers of all kinds'



We wanted to create a night where people could be free to let loose and explore new movement in a live music setting. Where drums, tabla, electronic beats loop pedals and ‘wordless-vocals’ (performed by Wilderthorn and drummer Sekrit) are set around the edges of the space, placing you in the centre.


This is a chance for movers and dancers of all kinds to become a part of the music, exploring new expressions of movement and interact with sound in a new way.


No setlist.


No stage.


Just music & movement responding live and in the moment, moving wherever ‘The Rhythm’ takes us!


This is a regular monthly event, and since each performance is completely improvised, no-one evening is ever the same. Even as musicians it is incredibly exciting to play as we are just as intrigued and on-edge to see what new music and sounds might emerge from any given night.


Details of the next event can be found by signing up to the Wilderthorn mailing list.