'An ambient music experience'



This is your space to unwind and reflect after a heavy day's work. Where cushions and rugs are laid out, inviting the listener to sit or lie down in the space and soak in the surround sound of live atmospheric music brought to you by Wilderthorn and Sekrit.



The music was born out of a series of instrumental pieces composed by Wilderthorn called 'Morning Prayers'. Each track was originally designed to loop on Instagram with no beginning or end. The pieces have since taken on a life of their own developing into full length tracks and a live set that is continually growing.


As performers it has been a new experience to create the sounds and textures from up high on a balcony out of sight of the audience and let the music do it's work in the space.


Many of the nights feature collaborations with installation artists who bring their visual interpretation of the sound especially for the night.



Details of the next event can be found by signing up to the Wilderthorn mailing list.