What started as a living room gig at a birthday party grew into a word of mouth tour performing from home to home. Each gig led on to two or three others and we would follow the invites wherever they took us. Starting in around London and up as far as Scarborough and right down the the South Coast. From grand, West London houses to squeezing into tiny rooms in flats, so far this ongoing 'tour' has covered over 55 dates. One night saw two consecutive performances occur in two different houses in the same street. Most of the performances have occurred in living rooms but there have been a few kitchens, one basement and one rooftop in Waterloo with a panoramic view of every great London landmark.


With each gig comes an incredible intimacy like no other. Performing in rooms jam packed with people it couldn't be more up close and personal. No big lights, no set-stage, PA or microphone to hide behind. Lots of rules are broken. Doing away with backstage areas and instead embracing being invited into new communities and party-environments.


Many adventures have been had and many new friendships made across the country.


If you are interested in hosting a Home Tour (living room gig) for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home then get in touch here.