Some time after the successful EP launch here, we caught whisperings that the same historic Crypt of Christ Church, Spitalfields was undergoing a major renovation. During this process all its interior walls would be demolished just a few days before the actual renovation began, the venue would be laid bare, stripped back to its original structure. No-one would have set eyes on the space in its full layout for 300 years.


We were able to arrange a day with the builders where construction work was paused to allow for a special one off performance to take place.


Due to the nature of the building work no-one could confirm when this date would be, which gave us a window of a about a few days notice to book the event and put the word out. Tickets were sold by word of mouth at the last minute! Set up time was incredibly tight, but by the time the doors opened a queue of people made their way down the stone steps to a candle-lit Crypt to partake in the sound of Wilderthorn reverberating throughout the historic arches.


The night began with a DJ set from one half of electronic act CHPLN before Wilderthorn took to the stage for a truly wild performance joined with a choir co-ordinated by singer and vocal coach Jono McNeil. A pop-up bar sold drinks against the backdrop of rubble where large diggers had been present only a day or two before.