One of the earliest gigs of it's kind. After a host of living room gigs in and around London we decided to launch the first Wilderthorn EP in the historic Crypt at Christ Church Spitalfields. We were completely taken aback by the amount of people that came. So much so that the venue sold out on the door in the first half hour and many unfortunately had to be turned away before the night had even begun. This was the last time we put on a night without advanced ticket sales!


Wilderthorn was joined on stage by drums, members of Iskra String Quartet and a choir put together for the night of various talented singer friends from South London, one of them being 'Josh Record'. One memorable moment was during the song In Gold where after the song one of the longest silences


Support was provided by composer Paul Frith and Hoosiers front-man, Irwin Sparkes as 'The Sea & I' and 'The Lion & The Unicorn'.


Other theatrical, happenings on the night included notices from a mysterious 'typewriter woman', and the silhouette of a man peddling a bicycle against a projected moving landscape.


(Photos by Malachi Kelly)