Over a series of days in the height of summer, ticket holders were given instructions to meet at the Narrow Boat pub in Islington where they were led by foot to the canal and boarded the roof of the awaiting boat.


From there they embarked on a literal 'musical journey', beginning with an especially written song by Wilderthorn performed under an overhanging tree lit by lanterns. A short break with food and drinks handed up through windows from the rooms in the boat below.


The boat journeyed further into the longest tunnel in London, where the entrance light forms a small circle in the distance behind, before it is fully distinguished when the boat reaches the middle of the tunnel. There the canal halted it's engine once more with Wilderthorn, standing on the roof of the canal boat and lit only by torch light continued the story, with songs referencing ‘the belly of the whale’ and nothing but his voice and a small electric guitar amp sending the sound travelling both in front and behind the long dark empty passage of the tunnel.


From here the boat glided to the the tunnels exit, where the audience were met by the welcoming arms of the warm summer air and the evening sights of life on the London canal.


(Photos by Malachi Kelly)