Wilderthorn (pronounced 'will-der-thorn') is the name given to the artwork and music of singer-songwriter Jon Bilbrough.


He is known for his 'Secret Gigs' in disused and abandoned spaces, turning forgotten places of history and atmosphere into wild and magical 'Wilderthorn-experiences'. Much of his performances sway between song and improvised territory, driven by Jon's unique and powerful, emotive voice that is tinged with dark operatic tones and 'folk-style' flourishes. In intimate settings he can be found backed only by his acoustic guitar and in larger venues by a wave of primal rhythms, clanging dulcimers, electric guitar swells and haunting violin textures.


He has worked with artists such as composer, Nitin Sawhney, The London Bulgarian Choir and renowned conceptual - electronic producer, Max Cooper.


Jon's music began in the unlikely setting of Asia, touring and performing his earliest gigs in Sri-Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore and India, setting foot on the stages of concert halls regularly graced by the likes of Ravi Shankir.


Immersed in the sounds and experiences of his travels he returned to Chennai, India to create demo recordings with local Carnatic/ Bollywood musicians, famous for their work with award winning Indian composer, A.R. Rahman.


Out of this experience came the sounds and textures that would inform the debut Wilderthorn recordings.


He since set up his art / music studio in London's East End, Tower Hamlets with his brother and drummer Dan (AKA Sekrit) conjuring an array of other-worldly sounds inspired by local folk stories, Bangrah-rhythms and late night fires.


Jon is featured throughout Nitin Sawhney's critically acclaimed album, 'Last Days Of Meaning' along with actor John Hurt and Yolanda Quartey (Massive Attack).


He is also the guest vocalist featured on Max Cooper’s 2 albums One Hundred Billion Sparks and Yearning For The Infinite.


His track 'Home' was the soundtrack for the online hit film 'Offline Dating' ("...The short film taking the digital world by storm" 'Huffington Post').


Along his travels as a musician Jon has shared the stage with the likes of St Vincent, Ben Howard, Foy Vance and This Is The Kit.


Jon is also a visual artist and film-maker, graduating with a 1st Class Hons at The University Of Arts London.